Maia Banks has been writing songs and making sounds from any instrument she can find for as long as she can remember. She has cut two albums so far, and is currently working on her third, due 2016, with the help of some world class artists such as Alan Weatherhead (Sparklehorse, Cracker), drummer Miguel Urbiztondo-Rodrigues (Maki, Mary Timony, LP) with engineer John Morand (Sparklehorse, Cracker, D’Angelo) as well as guitarist and vocalist Matt Conner (Lamb of God, RPG). She has worked with and for numerous musicians (Kokayi, Sharkey, C-Rayz Walz, Macy Gray, Kool Kieth) as a writer and singer. Her music has been licensed out to film, theater and television: Bomb it! (the movie), The Moor, based on the Pushcart winning short story by Russell Banks, directed by Caerthan Banks, and the theater productions of Minor Demons and Crack Walker, based out of The Company of Angels Theater in LA, and the television show South of Nowhere. Her brand of stripped down ‘neo-soul/post-punk/urban-folk’ has been described as being “smokey soundscapes using minimal textures and rich layers in well crafted songs using burnished vocals; her voice is husky, dusky and distinctively feminine, sultry, raw, soulful and hypnotic.”  She currently is based in Brooklyn, NY.