High Times, Dec 2013

High Times, Dec 2013

“There is something strange brewing behind the eyes of Maia Banks. It isn’t quite unrealized violence, or undying love, but something else. She obviously enjoys the inherent contradictions in her tunes, and in the end turns it into a performance that is as dirty, dark and raw as it is lovely, clear and clean. -Style Weekly

“Maia Banks has a wonderful, all-encompassing artistic vision which marries music and image into one inseparable experience. Smokey, seductive, enchanting, hypnotic, confident, jazzy and quietly striking, Maia is all that and more.” -Songwriter’s Monthly

“The sparseness is as important as the notes she plays. Less is more, perfectly recorded with tone and punch. Bowie made music like this. So did Lou Reed. Move over fellas, it’s Maia’s turn.” -B flat 

“I felt like a voyeur at some seedy peep show at first. There is a seductive trashiness to her songs and that alone is highly addictive. Her voice is clear and intimate, and ranges from silk to gristle.” -Richmond Music Journal

“Multi-layered, drawing from blues, jazz, folk, Middle Eastern tones and textures, it’s Maia’s deep and smokey vocals that give her performance a dark, lounge feel. She may not be well known now or ever, but her songs prove she has a rich and notable voice that deserves to be heard.” -Richmond.com

“Banks’ songs are a bit bluesy, lethargic and swampy, with rock overtones, dark lyrics and her deep and dusky voice. They are crepuscular and introspective, yet somehow hypnotic and extremely memorable at the same time.” -Ceci N’Est Pas un Blog

“Her singing and lyrics make you focus. Her voice has density and covers a full range. Her harmonies are left field; Jazz atonal sneaks into pop blues. Minimal, atmospheric, well crafted songs blend into one another, and the audience ate it up. Everything about Maia Banks is interesting.” -Night Crawlers (Richmond VA)

“This chick is truly a heavy, and I rarely say that about women.” -Alex Zola, Spin (among other things.)